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The Land: Raiders: A LitRPG Saga: Chaos Seeds, Book 6
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Description :

Dr. Aleron Kong is the father of American LitRPG. Join him in his best-selling LitRPG saga, The Land. The journey of terrifying adventures, dangerous enemies, and heart stopping wonder continues here.

“This is the world you were meant to fight for!”

Welcome to the sixth vivacious installment of Aleron Kong’s Chaos Seeds series.

The time of hiding has passed. The Mist Village will make itself known. Goblins have invaded Richter’s lands. Though the first incursion has been defeated, the anger of Chaos Seed remains. Those who challenge Richter’s power will learn there is a reason all creatures fear the mist…. It is the home of monsters.

For the first time, Richter takes the battle to his enemies. He will live up to his name, and the very Land will shake with this power. With his allies, the wood sprites of Nadria, the army of the Mist Village marches to war. Richter has been a healer, an enchanter, a dungeon diver, and a killer. Now he becomes something more. He becomes a raider!

This is a world of wonder and horror. This is a world of pain and joy. This is the world of monsters…and the brave men who battle them. Welcome back my friends!

Welcome back…to The Land!

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