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Defenses of Bermuda 1612–1995 (Fortress)
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Bermuda has played an importantmilitary role between America and Europe for almost 400 years due to itslocation in the Western North Atlantic some 635 miles off the Carolinas halfwaybetween Halifax and Jamaica. Bermuda was a key naval base for the Royal Navyafter the American Revolution in 1783, and ultimately as allies with the UnitedStates. Defending its coastline (64 miles) and ports has been vital, resultingin the construction of over ninety forts and batteries, even though its totalland mass is only 20.6 square miles. This concentration of fortifications (4.4forts per square mile), British possession, and its small size led to Bermudagaining the informal title of the “Gibraltar of the West”.  Today, thelegacy of these defense works remains either as disused structures or parksscattered throughout Bermuda. The book provides an overview of their design,features, and operational history of Bermuda’s fortifications from thesettlement of the islands in 1612 to the closure of the last defense base in1995, as well as what has happened to these fortifications since that time, andwhich are the best ones to visit today through meticulous research and stunningcommissioned color artwork.
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