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Trade Fair Design Annual 2017/18 (English and German Edition)
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Description : •A standard reference work in the Trade Fair Design World
•Appreciates the intricacies of Trade Fair Design, and explores how a well-thought-out design can develop emotional connections with the customer

Current brand communication is increasingly moving towards real-digital narratives. Storytelling plays a major role in this, as well as the type of communication. Particularly at trade fairs, personal discussion is still the key aspect of every presentation. With this edition of the Trade Fair Design Annual, the authors present a series of successful examples of transmedia storytelling, attaching particular importance to the accomplished use of means of communication. What is decisive, however, is the exceptional design of the overall presentation, which can add communicative and therefore informative value for the exhibitor, as well as provide an emotional experience for the visitors.

Text in English and German.
Category: Interior Design

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